NeoData – Information Value: Strategy and Practice

NeoData Australia is an Information and Data management consultancy company that specialises in developing decision support and planning systems. These solutions include leveraging Data Quality, Master Data Management, Business & Data Analytics, AI & Machine learning, Advanced Analytics, IOT & Big Data, Data Integration, Predictive & Strategic Modelling.

Our focus is on creating information value for our clients, and often involves developing business practices, aligning Strategy->Operational Planning->Target setting and Analytics. We are highly skilled at getting the technology to work for business, and take every opportunity we can to develop planning and analytic skills in our customers. We have both the functional knowledge with multiple industry experience along with deep technical expertise to ensure success.


We have a wealth of experience across various industries harnessing on premise and cloud technologies to deliver innovative and quality solutions.

The NeoData approach

Our consultant-led approach ensures we deliver an informed solution that meets business needs.

Experts in technology

Experts in multiple technologies including Database, Business & Data Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management, Data Integration, Data Quality, IOT, AI, Machine Learning and more.

Industry leading team

NeoData have an industry leading team when it comes to consulting, training or support.


NeoData are certified in multiple technologies including being an Oracle certified Gold Partner, we follow industry best practices within all of our projects.

People first

We are a people focused company seeking to excel ourselves and support the community.

Partnering Success – Delivering Quality

NeoData work with organisations to enable greater insight and competitive advantage through their data. The team at NeoData work closely with the business to fully understand data requirements and goals in order to develop and deliver world-class solutions and capabilities.

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