NeoData’s Managed Services practice provides application management, hosting and professional services covering the breadth and depth of the Oracle Business Intelligence technology domain.

NeoData Support Services offers a variety of flexible services, which can be tailored to suit each customer’s specific requirements. NeoData has taken this approach to ensure all service offerings are fit for purpose, whilst providing the customer a scalable, robust and consistent service experience with maximum return of investment.

With the growing demand for Business Intelligence support and maintenance services, NeoData’s Managed Support Services offers a mature, capable, responsive managed support service, in a flexible, scalable and cost effective fashion.  Our Managed Services are performed by our industry leading specialists, underpinned by our ITIL aligned support processes and Quality Assurance practice. The Managed Service offering is bundled and offered as a packaged solution ensuring a fit for purpose and business aligned outcome.

Our Managed Service offering adopts the Global standard, best practice ITIL framework to manage and meet the service level targets as well as to ensure service delivery excellence. Our Managed Services processes are not only modelled on the best practice ITIL Service Management Framework but are also specifically configured to the Oracle Business Intelligence product suite, ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved for our clients.

NeoData offers the customer with the option of using existing in house service management processes or procuring new services via the NeoData service catalogue, on a fee for service arrangement.

Our Managed Services are offered via the NeoData Managed Service Catalogue. Packages are tailored to the customers’ needs and the outcomes required for the successful support and maintenance of the Oracle OBIEE platform. This approach offers a flexible and scalable approach to procuring services on demand, through to the fully managed offering for your Oracle OBIEE investment

The following diagram details the Managed Services in three groups aligning to the requested options – including managed professional services.  The diagram provides the customer with a view of the comprehensive, flexible support model that can be customise to meet the organisational needs.

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