NeoData is a premier training partner with substantial practical industrial experience that we are happy to impart to customers as part of any training engagement. We have a structured approach when defining a training programme for a customer’s information environment.  It begins with gaining an understanding of the environment on which the users will be expected to operate, as this will assist with designing the content to be covered and ensuring relevant exercises are prepared.

We provide a number of ways to engage with our trainers:

Our classroom-based training provides you with one of our experienced trainers working closely with your staff in either our offices or yours. We can offer either a generic course or a customised programme, designed to meet your specific needs.  We would provide training material,along with the necessary labs and answers prior to any class.

Our remote-classroom based training provides you with the flexibility of delegates being located in different offices, attending an instructor-led training using on-line training platform. We can offer either a generic or customised training course.

We provide a partnership as we work along side your staff on projects. This type of training provides on the job training to your staff with real-world problems and solutions to solve. We actively encourage our customers to enable their staff to work closely with our consultants during the project to enable this process. This may not be a full-time activity, however, it will place you in better stead and make the transition of projects into business-as-usual a more manageable task.