Following on NeoData’s commitment to providing information value for its clients, NeoData Education Services create and maintain a range of high-quality enablement programs and training services.

Skills acquisition and application in the workplace is a very important outcome.  NeoData has found that customers experience varied success due to a range of issues that stem from poor training outcomes.  Through our experience in offering specialised professional services, we recognised that in order to effectively realise the investment in software, organisations need to productively use the acquired technology.
There are three common ‘hurdles’ to overcome:

  1. The learning curve for personnel to learn why and how to use new software technology and adopt new ways of delivering work outcomes
  2. The design approach that helps personnel understand how and why to apply the technology in their business context
  3. People learn at different rates – how do you engage the faster learners and not leave others behind?

NeoData Education Services offer a range of training courses.  These courses enable participants to learn how to use powerful technology features to explore their data and transform their data assets into valuable insights.  We will enable your personnel, so your organisation will get control of your data resources and deliver valuable information products to support your business objectives.

NeoData’s Approach to Training

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