Training Approach

The key objective of our training is to establish the required technology knowledge for the respective capability, coupled with the industry leading practices and practical experience.  This combined with provided course material and data, helps achieve higher levels of skills acquisition and application in the workplace.

NeoData’s approach to delivery of training follows four major steps.

Step 1: Preparation

NeoData Education Services draw upon Oracle reference product information and adapt its prepared training artefacts to create a training program that is an appropriate balance of learning about leading practices, generic product knowledge and specific customer needs.

Step 2: Pre-Training Questionnaire

This pre-training questionnaire is designed to help us find out as much as possible about the training participants, their experience, level of knowledge and existing skills.

The content of the training is tailored to meet the needs and expectations of training participants.  This approach relies on the responses that participants provide, so it is essential that all candidates provide their frank and accurate input.

Step 3: Training Delivery

The training delivery is a process of subject explanation and demonstration, followed by hands on exercises performed by students.



For this reason, the training delivery requires a computer lab training facility.  To achieve this delivery approach, training environments and user accounts are prepared and tested prior to the scheduled training session.  The classroom limits (maximum class sizes) are set based on the requirement for instructor’s attention.  This is often related to more complex concepts, capabilities, technologies and services, which need more instructor involvement per student.

Step 4: Post-Training Workshop

No two participants of the training have the same level of knowledge and experience.  Some participants may require more time to consume the training contact. Other participants may need additional time to digest the material and experiment with the newly acquired skill, before they become competent in using it for their daily work.  The optional post-training workshops are designed to give participants an additional opportunity to go through the selected labs and training exercises, refresh their memories of the content and apply it to their own data.  These workshops are most effective when they are conducted within 2 weeks after the original training course was completed.  They usually require the same computer lab training facility and access to services as the original training course.  The post-Training Workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.  These workshops often assist the participants to apply their knowledge to the real business scenarios.

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