Training Course:
Analyses and Dashboards with Oracle BI Platform

Course Title:Analyses and Dashboards with Oracle BI Platform
Training Mode:Instructor-led in-class training course
Duration:16 hours
Computer Lab:yes

Brief introduction

Learn how to use Oracle BI platform to rapidly answer business questions and derive interactive dashboards based on your Data.


This is an intensive course designed to help business users to develop insightful ad-hoc self-service analysis and dashboard design skills using Oracle BI platform.

This course was designed by BI professionals to enable course participants to take an active part in the transformation of their organisation’s data into intelligence for improved decision making.  It will empower participants to become more efficient at performing data analyses and delivering dashboards, in their efforts to generate time-critical, relevant and accurate insights.

Learning Objectives
  • Build a working knowledge of Oracle BI Answers and Interactive Dashboards
  • Learn how to design and build leading practice dashboards
  • Acquire skills required to find patters, analyse trends and deliver insights to meet business objectives
  • Learn how to use geo-location dimension in data analyses
  • Use mobile devices to access BI Content
  • Learn how to utilise hierarchical data columns
  • Get understanding of the leading practices in delivering analytical assets to information consumers
  • Discuss good practices in creating data visualisations in analyses
  • Information Consumers
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Report Designers
  • Basic understanding of data analysis
  • Basic experience with web applications
  • Introduction to Oracle BI Platform
    • Leading Practices in creating data visualisations
    • Leading practices in creating Dashboards
    • Oracle BI platform overview
    • Common Enterprise Information Model
    • Oracle BI platform functional components
    • New features in Oracle BI 12c
  • Answering Business Questions
    • Subject Area
    • Constructing data queries using BI Answers
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Data Visualisations using Compound Layouts
    • Constructing Dashboard components using BI Answers
  • Delivering Interactive Dashboards
    • Design using Dashboard Builder
    • Dashboard Components
    • Dashboard Pages
    • Dashboard Prompts and Variables
    • Page Filters
  • Creating Guided Analytical Pathways
    • Drill-down
    • Action Framework
    • Creating predefined analytical pathways using Actions
    • Creating predefined analytical pathways using Guided Navigation
  • Good Practices in using Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards
    • Using Presentation Variables
    • Conditional Display
    • Embedding content in dashboards
    • Personal customisations
    • Common problems and how to avoid them
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