Training Course:
Oracle Data Integrator

Course Title:Oracle Data Integrator
Training Mode:Instructor-led in-class training course
Duration:16 hours
Computer Lab:yes

Brief introduction

Learn how to integrate your data, mature your information environment and improve productivity with high-performing Extract-Load-Transform architecture


This course was designed by data management professionals to  provide experience in configuring and administering the Oracle Data Integration environment.  It will teach you methods and techniques of data data movement and transformation between various platforms based on the Extract-Load-Transform approach.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about leading practices for Data Integration
  • Introduction to Data Integration Process
  • Understanding of the Oracle Data Integrator
  • Understand the different options to connect to Data sources
  • Create effective integration processes
  • Understanding of the various issues that can be encountered and how to overcome them
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Consultants
  • Data Modelers
  • Basic understanding of data integration concepts
  • Working knowledge of essential data governance principles
  • Some experience with data integration and transformation

Data Integration Concepts

  • E L T term definitions
  • ELT vs ETL
  • Star Schemas

Data Integrator Toolset

  • Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator
  • Data Integrator Studio
    • Topology
    • Designer
    • Operator
    • Security

Link to Data Source/Target

  • Connection to data source/target
  • Work with Reverse Engineer

Build and execute mappings

  • Mapping
    • Source and Target objects
    • Components
      • Joins & Lookups
      • Filters
      • Aggregates
      • Dataset
      • Split
  • Sequences
  • Scenarios

Knowledge Modules

  • Overview
  • Types of knowledge modules
    • Loading
    • Integration
    • Control
  • Configuring knowledge module


  • What is a package
  • Package Workflows
  • Package scenarios

Load plans

  • What is a Load Plan
  • Load plan debugging

Module 8: Error Handling/Data validation

  • Constraints
  • Package Exceptions
  • Load Plan Exceptions

Module 9: Migration of code

  • Export of objects
  • Import of objects
  • Update options

End to End interface

  • Create and Test an End to End Interface
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