Training Course:
Visual Data Analysis with Oracle Data Visualization

Course Title:Visual Data Analysis with Oracle Data Visualization
Training Mode:Instructor-led in-class training course
Duration:16 hours
Computer Lab:yes

Brief introduction

Learn how to use Data Visualisation techniques and technology to turn your corporate Data into Insights and tell the story hidden in your Data


This training course provides a practical introduction to performing visual data analysis, creating interactive insights and narrations utilising Oracle Data Visualization.
You will learn how to use modern visualisation techniques to understand your data, blend it with other data, repair and enrich it to be more adequate for meeting your analytic requirements.  You will learn how to use Oracle Visual Data Analysis to identify areas that need attention or improvement, clearly understand which factors influence behaviour of entities of interest, detect risk and anomalies, compare different facts and derive actionable conclusions.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the fundamental principles of Data Visualisation
  • Distinguish the good practices in Visual Data Analysis
  • Learn how to interact with your Data to create valuable information assets
  • Acquire practical knowledge how the Oracle Data Visualization user interface works
  • Be able to explain motivations for different data visualisation choices
  • Learn how to prepare data for analysis by performing data preparation steps
  • Learn how to perform analysis of personal data blended with the curated corporate data
  • Understand how to perform effective Data Visualisation without breaking good information governance practices
  • Learn how to represent data using different visualisation techniques, suitable to the analytical method, objectives of analysis and the type of data available for analysis
  • Information Consumers
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Report Designers
  • Business Users
  • Data Analysts
  • Basic understanding of data analysis
  • Basic experience with web applications
  • Visual Data Analysis Leading Practices
    • Fundamentals of Visual Data Analysis
    • Data Visualisation Good Practices
    • Data Visualisation and Information Governance
    • Visual Data Analysis Process Steps
  • Introduction to Oracle Data Visualization
    • Data Visualisation Design
    • Introduction to Oracle Data Visualization
    • Oracle Data Visualization vs Answers and Dashboards
  • Creating Data Visualisations
    • Data Sources
    • Data Flow
    • Creating Projects and selecting Data Source
    • Data Preparation
    • Data Blending
    • Adding Content
    • Simple Data Visualisation
  • Creating Insights
    • Visual Data Analysis Layout Design
    • Configuring Visualisations
    • Creating Expressions
    • Filtering
    • Sorting
    • Configuring Insights
  • Advanced Data Visualisation Techniques
    • Tag Cloud
    • Maps
    • TreeMaps
    • Time Series
    • Search
    • Advanced Analytics
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