Project Analytics

Oracle Project Analytics delivers insight into the financial performance of projects so all team members can seamlessly track the project lifecycle. Oracle Project Analytics provides hundreds of out-of-the-box, standards-based KPIs and reports for project profitability analysis, funding and budgets, cost, revenue, and billing. Information is personalised, relevant, and actionable to 11 Oracle White Paper—An Overview of Oracle Business Intelligence Whitepapers improve project performance and profitability. Oracle Project Analytics also delivers crossfunctional analysis—including project-based analysis of accounts receivable and accounts payable, invoice-aging analysis, or status of procurement transactions by project. As a result all employees—given their level of security—can see a personalised, consistent version of the truth and take timely, corrective actions to achieve project objectives.

  • To improve performance of both projects and project portfolios, Oracle Project Analytics allows team members and executives to
  • Monitor projects and control the risks that lead to budget and schedule overruns with out-of-the box, role-based dashboards
  • Look into a particular program or project and verify how it is performing for a given time period or inception-to-date metrics
  • See past, present, and future performance—including estimated metrics at project completion
  • Drill down to detailed cost information for a specific project such as line items sorted by task, expenditure category, resource, or person