Sales Analytics

Oracle Sales Analytics provides timely, fact-based insight into the entire sales process. This insight is proactively delivered to salespeople in the field via laptop, personal digital assistant, or mobile phones—ensuring they always have the latest information they need to make informed decisions and increase win rates. Sales executives can receive alerts when the pipeline suddenly contracts or territory bookings drop below weekly targets—enabling them to take appropriate corrective action. The benefits are faster and more informed decisions that help the sales organisation compete more effectively, lower sales costs, and achieve better results.

Oracle Sales Analytics includes prebuilt data models, more than 200 metrics, and best practices based on Oracle’s experience across thousands of sales force automation implementations. The solution allows companies to increase their revenues and improve business performance by

  • Providing sales professionals with timely insight into sales opportunities, including how long each opportunity has been in the pipeline and the current status of team selling efforts
  • Identifying critical opportunities so executives can assign the appropriate resources to increase the chance of winning
  • Analysing pipeline opportunities to determine actions required to meet sales targets
  • Highlighting which products and customer segments generate the most revenue
  • Showing which competitors are faced most often and how to win against them
  • Identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within existing accounts