Business Intelligence Cloud Service

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service provides a powerful knowledge foundation to deliver accurate and timely information, which organisations use to track the performance of their business and support effective decision making.

  • Empower your management team with the information to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment
  • Monitor your operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify factors impacting your company’s performance and competitiveness
  • Uncover new insights available from your data to support future strategic decisions

NeoData can start your journey toward generating insight on your business’s data in the cloud.

By utilising a data warehouse, or diving into your data in an adhoc manner it is easy to quickly visualise performance against the business drivers for your organisation within BICS.

Oracle BICS delivers:

  • World Class BI – A best-in-class analytics platform offering the full array of BI tools you expect.
  • Advanced Analysis, Dashboards and Visualisations – Select interactive visualisations and easily create advanced calculations to reveal insights in your data. Configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyse and manage activity across the entire system.
  • Easy Data Integration – Data integration options to meet your needs, from easy self-service import to operational ETL updates.
  • Mobile – Every BI app is immediately available on any device, without any extra work.
  • Secure Collaboration – Share work in progress or completed analytics, securely, on any device.