Data Visualisation

Oracle Data Visualization makes easy yet powerful visual analytics accessible to everyone. Drag and drop to see your data visualised automatically, change layouts, and present new insights. If you have questions about your data, search just like you would online, or browse the guided navigation to find what you’re looking for—everything on the screen is connected, helping you more quickly understand and find value in your information. When you uncover new insights, you can add comments to them to create visual stories that can be securely shared throughout the organisation.

Stunning, smart visualisations. Data Visualization displays the best visualisations for your data automatically—all you have to do is drag and drop. As you add new attributes and filters, the visualisations change to best reflect new data and bring clarity to your investigation. You can also change visualisations at any time, simply by clicking (no configuration required).

Automatic highlighting. Related data is automatically connected, so selecting data in one visual highlights correlated data in every other visual, immediately showing patterns and revealing new insights.

Guidance and search. Sometimes you know the data you’re working with, and sometimes you don’t. Powerful search, guided navigation, and sophisticated filtering work together intelligently to provide an easy, interactive path through your data, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Everything connected. A unified user experience blurs the lines between dynamic discovery, dashboarding, and presentation, creating a seamless and richly contextual environment that keeps your exploration fast and fluid.

Visual storytelling and sharing. It’s easy to capture insights as visual stories, saving story points (snapshots of the analytical moment-in-time) and adding comments to highlight key points and discoveries. Stories are live and can be securely shared with anyone with permission; co-workers can click a link and be brought into the story, build upon it, and share it in turn, enabling the rapid, dynamic collaboration that drives improved decision-making and faster action.