Big Data

NeoData are investing heavily in the area of BIG Data. Our BIG Data lead Mr Daniel Hein has been accepted and is starting a Research Phd at Monash University specialising in BIG Data design formalization and strategies. NeoData have experience in analysis, design, development and support of BIG Data solutions and strategies. Our experience in Data Extraction and engineered solutions ties in to the new BIG Data architecture being proposed and used worldwide.

Deploying Big Data technologies in the cloud often yields increased agility in deployment. However, to make the most of Big Data technologies, organisations require the ability to bridge the widening Big Data skills-gap with existing tools and training. Oracle Big Data SQL enables enterprises to unify both query access and security across Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database without the need to change existing applications. This allows teams the ability to exploit the power of Big Data, and quickly integrate results with business-critical data stored in Oracle Database. Only the Oracle Cloud provides a complete, enterprise-grade Big Data Management System, unified with Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service. This combination of unified query and cloud deployment enable businesses to rapidly deploy data management solutions based on need: optimising the blend of Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database footprints for current conditions, while ensuring complete and secure access to all data using the industry’s richest SQL dialect.