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Can you quantify the quality of your data?

People within an organisation will have differing opinions on the quality of their data but very few companies can actually quantify the issues. Quality is hard to measure and means different things to different people depending on their needs and usage of the data. What may seem unimportant to the Billing Department for example may be essential to Marketing or Sales.

During a major data warehouse project, data quality/cleansing is too often an afterthought and issues are only raised close to go-live time once the business users start testing the system. We have found that Data Quality issues are best identified early in the project and steps are put in place to remediate any problems – before they surface in your downstream systems and processes.

“70% of data warehouse project failures are due to data quality issues.”

Gartner, 2005

“55% of all customer relationship management projects failed to meet software customers’ expectations. Poor customer data is one of the biggest factors.”

Gartner, 2011

Ignoring data quality problems will have a serious impact on your business. Whether this impacts business compliance or effectiveness, data quality issues are material business issues that need to be addressed at the root cause. Identification of these problems is important for guiding such effort.

Efficient organisations seek to constantly improve data quality by looking for and eliminating various data quality issues. This is the first step in the process.

“77% of companies believe their bottom line is affected by inaccurate and incomplete data.”

Experian, 2011The State of Data Quality 2014

NeoData offer two fixed-prices services:

  • A two-day, on-site, Data Quality Health Check on your key Entities and Attributes to snapshot the overall quality of your data and deliver a Data Quality Baseline.
  • A more detailed two-week Data Quality Assessment to examine each attribute in your data set to ensure that it complies with your company’s data quality standards.

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