Enterprise Performance Management

Corporate strategy is only as good as the organisation’s ability to execute. Corporate teams can create strategy, but if the organisation cannot execute, then everyone loses. It’s not just about the cost of the workforce, which is the domain of traditional finance-led “workforce planning” (i.e. salary planning and compensation planning). The ability of the organisation to execute on strategy requires the right resources (skills), in the right place, at the right time. HR now, more than ever, has the responsibility for working together with the lines of business and Finance to ensure that your organisation has the workforce to deliver on your strategy. Strategic workforce planning helps translate the long-term corporate strategy into the execution by ensuring that the workforce is in place to deliver on the plan.

NeoData can work with you to put in place a plan to ensure that your can plan and predict current and future demands on your workforce:

Best Practice Headcount Planning: Use an industry-leading planning framework for enterprisewide headcount planning

Driver-Based: Utilize strategic operational assumptions to match the supply and demand on the workforce

Scenario Analysis: Perform robust “what-if” analysis across multiple economic and operational scenarios

Predictive Analytics: Leverage predictive algorithms to improve accuracy

Stay Connected: Benefit from a process that is HR-owned, but still aligned with corporate financial planning