Oracle Essbase is the market leading online analytical processing (OLAP) server for enterprise performance management (EPM) applications. Designed specifically for business users, Oracle Essbase supports forecasting, variance analysis, root cause identification, scenario planning and what-if modeling for both custom and packaged applications. It can be tightly integrated with multiple data sources and the information generated can be delivered through a wide variety of reporting options. Engineered for scalability, security, and rapid-response, Oracle Essbase brings advanced analytics to the business user to enable greater understanding of the business, alignment of resources and improved business results.

Oracle Essbase brings powerful online analytics processing (OLAP) directly to the business user. Query results can be displayed through interfaces of the user’s choice, including Microsoft Office tools, and the variety of intuitive reporting options which Oracle offers. With the advantage of consistent, sub-second response times, users can interact with the data at the speed-of-thought without support from technical experts. This ability to “converse” with the data—understanding that an answer to one question leads to another—enables business users to better identify and analyse the metrics and relationships that influence performance, and to make better, more informed decisions. Users can share their saved reports, and modify their appearance, or create powerful additional queries as new questions arise.