Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a match for the way you run your business. The solution strikes the ideal balance between providing built-in best practices while maintaining high configurability. It’s the best of both worlds in a single solution. Some planning tools strive for simplicity. Others strive for flexibility. This solution accomplishes both by providing an innovative configuration framework that can be used out-of-the-box or further enriched for your unique requirements – all while maintaining the ease and upgradability of a cloud-based planning solution.

Unlike other planning solutions, the out-of-box planning content is not just an unsupported ’starter template’ from an ‘app store’. Instead, it’s an innovative new ‘framework’ that can be tailored to your specific needs, yet still remains upgradable by Oracle. Do you think your planning processes are too unique for out-of-box planning content? It’s not an ‘all or nothing’ decision with the Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud. Take advantage of configuration ‘mash-ups’ that allow you to combine configured processes with pre-built planning components from Oracle. The library of pre-built planning components such as models, dashboards, reports, KPIs and planning accelerators continues to grow. Only use the components that you prefer, but keep an eye out for new useful components that come available with each new release.